All Things Water

Where does my water come from?

  • The water in Evergreen Lake is processed at our Water Treatment Plant and supplies all of the water to EMD customers. Click here to learn more about how we make the drinking water for Evergreen.

How hard is my water?

  • Evergreen Metro has "slightly hard" water, between 17.1 and 60mg/l or ppm.  Usually we test at 30mg/L of total hardness and 1.5 grains/gallon. You do not need a water softening system for this amount of hardness.

Why does my water smell?

  • Sometimes odors can develop when water has been sitting in the household pipes for too long.  So if you go out of town for a while, especially if it gets hot outside, or you don't use a specific bathroom too often we recommend flushing your pipes.  Run the cold water for about 15 minutes or until the household pipping is flushed. 

Why is my water "dirty" looking?

  • When work is done on water mains or a hydrant is flushed customers in the area will have “dirty water”. The “dirty water” is a mineral called manganese which settles in the pipes and is normally not present in household water. When work is done on a main or hydrant the manganese that is settled in the pipes is stirred up and mixed with the water. Households should run cold water, only, through the largest faucet in their home until the water runs clear.

Why is my water pressure high/low?

  • Every household in the District should have a Pressure Regulating valve (PRV).  These valves regulate the pressure of the water that enters your home.  If you notice that the pressure is either too high or too low we recommend first, calling our office to see if there is any work going on in the area.  If we are not working in the area the first culprit is usually the PRV.  These will need to be replace by a qualified plumber.  
  • If you have a personal water pump, because you live at the top of a hill, you may want to look at the pump to make sure it is running properly and again, call a qualified professional to service your pump.


District Question


Do you have an RV dump site?  

  • Yes, it is located to the left of Campfire Pizza off of Meadow Dr.  Only RV dumping is allowed. There is no hose for clean up in the winter.  We also recommend going during off hours for Campfire as you might have a hard time getting into the area.

I am moving, what should I do?

  • Fill out a moving form: Moving Tenants, Moving Owners.  Owners final bills will be handled by the Title company if you are working through one.  For tenants, the final bill will need to be paid- which you will need to work out with the owner or property manager.  We will contact you if we need any further information.  
  • We do not turn water off when a person moves out of the home unless requested by property owner.

Where is the Bulk Station located?