Collections & Distribution Department

Department Manager, Michael Levy, 303-674-3112

The Collections and Distribution (C&D) Department is responsible for all underground utilities managed by Evergreen Metro District. These include water and sewer mains, manholes, valves and fire hydrants. C&D responds to and repairs water main breaks, sewer main backups and overflows, and performs regular preventative maintenance to help keep issues from becoming emergencies. The department will also respond to customer service calls to investigate and determine the nature of the problem. The C&D Department works closely with all the other departments of Evergreen Metro District, providing support and operations staff to the water and wastewater departments. C&D collaborates with many other agencies serving the Evergreen area including the Evergreen Fire Department, Jefferson County Road & Bridge, CDOT, and recently worked with Evergreen Park and Recreation District on the Evergreen Lake Trail rehabilitation project.

Outside the CD Building