Who We Are

The District

The Evergreen Metropolitan District was created February 27th, 1979 when the water treatment and distribution system was acquired from Public Service Company of Colorado and merged with the Evergreen Sanitation District. The Evergreen Sanitation District was formed October 15th, 1948. The District currently owns, operates and maintains one wastewater treatment plant, three wastewater pump stations, one water treatment plant, eight water pump stations and ten water reservoirs. The District also maintains approximately 300 miles of wastewater collection system piping and an equal amount of water distribution piping.

Other Mountain Districts

EMD maintains inter-district agreements with many water and sanitation districts within the mountain area. These Districts include West Jefferson County Metropolitan, Kittredge Sanitation and Water. Inter-district agreements allow the Evergreen Metropolitan District to operate and maintain the West Jefferson County and Kittredge wastewater treatment plants and all of the collection system piping and eight pump stations within the other districts.


The EMD Board of Directors oversees the operations of the District personnel. The Board is comprised of local businesspersons and property owners who must operate under Colorado statutes regarding special districts. Additionally, the other districts that EMD serves, must conduct business under those same statutes.


EMD is an organization composed of departments including Wastewater, Water, New Services &, Environmental Collection &, Distribution,and Administration. The District has twenty-nine full-time employees.