Meter Installation Program


New Meter Program, Update: 02/07/2024

Evergreen Metro District continues to replace meters within the District.  We have installed the majority of meters that reside inside of homes and are nearing 4,000 meters replaced.  The remaining meters that need to be replaced are all mostly pit meters and we will be targeting for the Summer 2024.

Existing meter equipment consists of two components: the physical water meter and a transponder. The transponder counts and records electrical pulses generated from the water meter and sends this data via a radio frequency. Once per month a Water Department technician drives by with a laptop and radio antenna to collect meter reads and sends these to the billing department. Our transponders are currently failing at an increasing rate which has prompted the District to push forward with upgrading all of our meters.

The new meters combine the water meter and transponder, and the water meter sends the meter read once a day with a report of the last 24-hours of water usage. The read is sent over a 2.4 ghz radio frequency, which is then accessed online at the Waterscope website. It takes about a month to get your water meter set up on Waterscope, but once it has been set up you can create an account and have access to your water usage history.



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On your appointment day, the water meter and transponder which is located in your home or on your property will be replaced with a new meter that has a transponder within the meter. The installation will take approximately 30 minutes and the water will be shut off during this period. Once your new meter has been uploaded to the system, you will be notified and have access to real time alerts and usage. More information will be provided as the project moves forward.

Advantages of the new water meter system are:
  • The District Billing Specialist can obtain the customer billing reads directly from the cloud based application.
  • The customer can register with the cloud based application and view their water usage. Alerts can also be set up for the customer to receive text or e-mails for continuous water flow, low temperature, high usage, etc.
  • The District will not require an employee to drive the entire distribution system collecting the billing meter reads.
  • District Man-power can be shifted to maintenance needs

We appreciate your assistance in working with us on this exciting upgrade our infrastructure.


How to Register your new VN Meter

Step 1: Fill out the Request for Waterscope Account Information Form. We will send you your account code and VN ID number so you can register.

Step 2: Go to https://waterscope.us/.

Step 3: Enter the 7 digit "VN ID."

Step 4: Enter your account code.

Step 5: Enter your email address and click "Apply."

Step 6: Follow the instructions sent to your email account to finish registering your Waterscope account.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of meter is being installed?
We are installing Metron-Farnier VN Meters. They will record your water usage throughout the day and send a report of the usage and the ending meter read for the day.

Why do we have to have new meters installed?
The transmitters that have been in your home or in the meter pit on your property are failing as their battery life comes to an end. Not all of them have failed yet, but the EMD Board has decided to move forward with replacing all of the meters in a 2 year time frame. The board of Directors is requiring all homes to have their meters replaced.

Is everyone in the District getting a new meter?
Everyone who has water service will be getting a new water meter, both commercial and residential. If you are a wastewater only customer your service is not metered.

How much does the new water meter cost?
Customers will not be charged for the installation of the new water meter.

What are the hours for installation, and will I be waiting around all day?
Metron - Farnier and EMD will be doing installations Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm. We will schedule all appointments hourly, not for a range of time, so you won’t be waiting around all day.

Will how we are billed be changed, i.e. billing at peak demand? 
No, we will continue to bill you at the tiered rates for the water that you consume. Please see District Rate Information for more on billing.

What is Waterscope?
Waterscope is a secure website that collects all of the data from your meter and displays it in an easily accessible manner for customers.

Waterscope is saying that I have a leak, is that true?
Yes, if Waterscope is warning you of a leak, it is telling you that you have constant water usage for long periods of time, which unless you are filling up your pool super slowly, you have a leak.

How does Waterscope know that I am flushing my toilet?
Waterscope uses algorithms that use the maximum flow/time/and gallons to calculate whether you may have a leak or if a certain amount of water usage is your toilet or the dish washer. The algorithm is 95% correct.

Will my water meter catch on fire?
No. Most of the reports regarding fires and “smart meters” have been from electrical meters that were not wired correctly and started a fire. Our meters are not connected to electricity and are not hard wired into anything. Instead, they run off a battery, so the risk of fire is like that of your cell phone, laptop, or any other device in your home with a lithium battery.

Are there any health concerns related to these meters?
No. Although our meters send out a “cellular signal” the signal is a 2.4 GHz frequency transmission, or a 4g or less wireless connection. They also only send out 1 signal per day between 1:00 AM and 6:00 AM. If you are concerned about the “cellular waves” please be aware that unless you are directly next to your new meter between 1:00 AM and 6:00 AM you will not be exposed to "cellular waves" at all.

Can I "Opt out" of having my meter replaced?
No, there will not be a manner to opt out of changing our metering equipment located in your home as it is failing. For more information, please call our office.

It seems like my water usage has gone up since installing a new meter, why?
Our new meters are almost exactly the same as the old meters in the way that they calculate your water usage, the only difference is the maker of the meter. If your bill is higher in the first month give us a call and we can try to make sense of why that may have occurred. If you are seeing an overall increase, we recommend signing up for Waterscope so that you can monitor your usage, or again call our office we would be happy to help.