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Hydrant Permitting and Usage

EMD allows the use of fire hydrants by permitted contractors. The usage of hydrants is reserved for projects temporarily requiring a large amount of water over a long period of time, such as construction projects. When issued a permit, contractors are allowed use of specific fire hydrants within the District. 

2021 Hydrant Regulations

2021 Hydrant Permit

Hydrant Meter Fee Information:

2021 Hydrant Meter Fee Schedule
Fee Amount Description

Deposit/Permit Fee (must complete & sign Hydrant Permit & Hydrant Regulations Form)

$1000 of deposit will be returned upon satisfactory inspection of the fire hydrant / meter and/or meter used and after payment in full has been received by the District for all consumption of water.

$100 will be kept by the District for inspection fees

$5.00 per day meter rental fee if renting from the District
$29.50 per month administrative fee on all accounts
$0.0300 per gallon consumed