Cross Connection Control Department

Department Manager: Kevin Rosemeyer, 303-674-2121


The Cross Connection Control Department ensures the safety of EMD's water distribution system by administering the Cross Connection / Backflow Prevention program in accordance with the Colorado Department of Health &, Environment (CDPHE) Regulation 11.39. Commercial, industrial, multi-family and some single-family residential properties are required to have backflow prevention assemblies installed, tested, and maintained annually. Backflow prevention assemblies ensure that under certain hydraulic conditions water being used on a customers' premise does not "backflow," or return, into the main public water supply. This is especially important if the customer is using water in such a way that it may become contaminated, i.e. with irrigation, fire suppression, mixing with chemicals, etc.

Program Information:

For Customers

When is my backflow assembly due to be tested?

All backflow assemblies are to be tested annually. If the backflow assembly has not already been tested in the calendar year, a notice will be sent via mail or email approximately 60 days prior to the due date.

Please note: all irrigation backflow assemblies are to be tested no later than 7 days after being turned on.

Who do I contact to test the backflow assembly?

Evergreen Metro District only administrates the Cross Connection Control program- it is the customer's responsibility to have their assemblies tested. Customers may use any backflow testing company. Please see the table below for contractors that have recently tested in Evergreen:

Company Name Company Phone Company Email
ALPINE TESTING (303) 674-4785 robert.rapp@att.net
AMERICAN BACKFLOW CONSULTING & SERVICES LLC (303) 904-4404 info@backflowexperts.com
AMERICAN MECHANICAL SERVICES (303) 806-7300 x354 rgraves@amsofusa.com
AQ PROPERTY SOLUTIONS, LLC (303) 748-0240 adam@aqpropertysolutions.com
ARAPAHOE FIRE PROTECTION INC (303) 366-4905 x150 hope@arapahoefire.com
BACKFLOW CONSULTING TESTING AND REPAIR, INC (303) 537-0126 info@backflowconsulting.com
BACKFLOW TECH (303) 986-4601 service@backflowtech.com
CINTAS FIRE PROTECTION (303) 226-5033 zayatzs@cintas.com
COMPLETE FIRE PROTECTION, INC (303) 922-1055 admin@completefire.com
COMPLIANCE FIRE AND BACKFLOW SERVICES LLC (720) 365-7119 steve@cfnbservices.com
COSCO FIRE PROTECTION (720) 599-8800 clawson@coscofire.com
DIGNITY FIRE PROTECTION CO (719) 433-7740 service@dignityfire.com
FIRE ALARM SERVICES, INC (303) 466-8800 jenniferh@firealarmservices.com
FREEDOM FIRE PROTECTION, LLC (303) 827-2060 x115 janicem@freedomfirepro.com
FRONTIER FIRE PROTECTION (303) 629-0221 service@frontierfireprotection.com
GLOBAL FIRE & SAFETY (303) 406-2147 gfsservice@globalfire.biz
GREEN MOUNTAIN WATER SERVICES (720) 587-5802 gmws08@gmail.com
H2O FIRE PROTECTION, INC. (303) 761-7755 Melissa@h2ofireinc.com
IMPACT FIRE SERVICES (303) 789-0016 idenison@impactfireservices.com
INTEGRATED SAFETY SERVICES, LLC (303) 278-1538 ashleyfoster@issfire.com
INTEGRITY FIRE SAFETY SERVICES (303) 557-1820 lorilee.hernandez@integrityfiresafetyservices
INTERIOR SPRINKLER SYSTEMS, INC (970) 302-3777 shane@interiorsprinkler.com
JOHNSON CONTROLS FIRE PROTECTION (303) 283-4442 amber.lee.debraak@jci.com
MERIDIAN FIRE AND SECURITY (303) 790-2520 service@meridianfire.com
MORRISON BACKFLOW TESTING (303) 566-0182 mbt-office@comcast.net
MOUNTAIN ALARM (303) 698-2330 x2 denverfirecs@mountainalarm.com
PARACOM SYSTEMS, LLC (720) 805-0569 christina.chavez@paracom.com
PLANTS OF DISTINCTIONLLC (720) 270-2592 plantsofdistinctionllc@hotmail.com
PLATINUM FIRE PROTECTION, INC. (303) 688-0177 rachel@platfire.com
PYE BARKER FIRE & SAFETY (303) 294-0708 bishopb@pyebarkerfire.com
PYE-BARKER FIRE (719) 233-4244 fireinspectionsplus@gmail.com
THE AEGIS LIFE AND FIRE SAFETY COMPANY (303) 234-5501 x5 linda@fireaegis.com
TRUTEST LLC (303) 877-9359 fire.monkey@comcast.net
VICTORY FIRE PROTECTION (720) 688-0740 ncrawford.vfp@outlook.com


For Contractors

Evergreen Metropolitan District has partnered with Brycer's The Compliance Engine for our backflow and cross connection control program. All reports are to be submitted to The Compliance Engine, at https://www.thecomplianceengine.com/.

If your company has not yet registered with The Compliance Engine, please do so at https://www.thecomplianceengine.com/. After you have completed this process, please visit https://www.thecomplianceengine.com/training/ to sign up for a training on how to use the online portal.