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A $25.00 Service Transfer Fee is incurred for processing changes to a property, whether adding a tenant or property manager.
This fee is billed on the first invoice in which the change occurs.

All services are billed to a specific property rather than to the occupant of the property. Services rendered to the property constitute a perpetual lien against the property.

It is the policy of the District to mail bills to the owner of the property. By signing below, the property owner authorizes the District to mail bills to a tenant or a property manager of the property; however, the owner shall remain responsible for payment of all charges incurred and will continue to receive a bill for the property.

After authorization by the property owner to property manager, then the property manager will have authorization to act on behalf of the owner. Please be aware as owner/manager of a property, when having bills mailed to someone other than you, collection problems may occur.

Property owners or property management companies may not opt out of receiving a bill for their tenant occupied property.

In the event that an account reaches a 60-day delinquency status, which constitutes a notice of disconnection of service, the owner/manager will receive a copy of such notification also. It is the responsibility of the owner/manager to keep current on the status of the account.

Upon the disconnection of service to this property (due to non-payment of services) for which the property owner/manager has authorized the District to mail the monthly bill to the tenant, the District will remove the tenant from the billing on that account. At this time, the owner/tenant privilege will be revoked, and future bills will be sent to the property owner/manager for the balance of time that this tenant is a renter at that residence.

The owner is responsible for any unpaid bills and the District will not pursue collection from tenants.

No tenant will be added to an account until payment for services prior to the effective date of occupancy are paid in full.

The owner/manager is responsible for any discrepancy in water usage at this property. It is the responsibility of the owner/manager to verify all water usage and meter reads when a tenant terminates occupancy. The District will perform this verification for a fee of $30.00 if requested by the property owner, manager, and/or tenant.

If a request for move out is received from a tenant, we will remove the tenant from the property at the end of that month’s billing cycle and the tenant and property owner/manager will receive a final bill. New tenants will only be added at the beginning of the month of move in, and only as long as all prior balances on the property are paid in full.

We will not prorate a bill if a tenant moves out mid-cycle. It is up to the property owner and/or manager to prorate the final bill if they so desire.

When the tenant is moved out of the property, if a new tenant request is not received, the account will revert into the owner’s/manager’s name. Because this is an occupancy change, a $25.00 Service Transfer Fee will be charged in this case.

The final bill will be sent or communicated to the tenant, as well as the property owner and/or manager. It is then the responsibility of the property owner/manager to ensure the previous tenant’s amount due is paid.

Evergreen Metropolitan District will not be responsible for any discrepancies in move out dates or the collection from tenant of any amounts due.

The District suggests the property owner/manager collect a deposit of $350.00 that can be used to pay a delinquent/unpaid bill from the tenant in the case of a disconnection status.

It is suggested that the property owner/manager verify with the District’s billing department that all tenant bills have been paid before releasing a security deposit back to tenant.

The District may modify its policies and procedures at any time at our discretion without notification. It is the responsibility of the property owner/manager to check the district website for any updates to these policies and procedures.