Cross Connection Control Department

Department Manager:

Kevin Rosemeyer, 303-674-2121

The Cross Connection Control Department ensures the safety of EMD\'s water distribution system by administering the Cross Connection / Backflow Prevention program in accordance with the Colorado Department of Health &, Environment (CDPHE) Regulation 11.39. Commercial, industrial, multi-family and some single-family residential properties are required to have backflow prevention assemblies installed, tested, and maintained annually. Backflow prevention assemblies ensure that under certain hydraulic conditions water being used on a customers\' premise does not "backflow," or return, into the main public water supply. This is especially important if the customer is using water in such a way that it may become contaminated, i.e. with irrigation, fire suppression, mixing with chemicals, etc.

Program Information:

For Customers

When is my backflow assembly due to be tested?

All backflow assemblies are to be tested annually. Each customer has a month assigned for testing. You will be notified via email or mail when your assembly is due the week before the assigned month begins. You have all of that month, until the 1st of the following month, to have the assembly tested. For example if your testing month is in June, you will be notified the last week in May, and will have until July 1st to have the test completed

Please note: all irrigation backflow assemblies are to be tested no later than 7 days after being turned on regardless of the official testing month.

Who do I contact to test the backflow assembly?

Evergreen Metro District only administrates the Cross Connection Control program- it is the customer\'s responsibility to have their assemblies tested. Customers may use any backflow testing company. Please click the link below for a list of some contractors that frequent the Evergreen area.

Backflow Contractor List for Customers - 2018.pdf

For Contractors

Where do I send reports?

Please email reports to

What is required when I test in Evergreen?

Reports must be completely filled out. Attached is an example from Denver Water, a report that is used often, highlighted with essential required fields. We accept any report template, so long as it contains the fields highlighted.

Example Report from Denver Water