Cellular Water Meter Program

About the VN Cellular Meter Program

Beginning in September of 2021, EMD began the Cellular Meter Changeout Program, in which the Water Department started replacing customers' existing water meters with Metron VN cellular meters.

Existing meter equipment consists of two components: the physical water meter and a transponder. The transponder counts and records electrical pulses generated from the water meter, and sends this data via a radio frequency. Once per month a Water Department technician drives by with a laptop and radio antenna to collect meter reads and sends these to the billing department. 

The new cellular meters combine the water meter and transponder. Instead of meter reads being collected over radio frequency once per month, the water meter sends the meter read and 24 hour water usage over Verizon's cellular network, which is then accessed online at the Waterscope website. On Waterscope, customers can view their water usage and receive alerts if they have a leak or if the water meter is near freezing. 

How to Register your new VN Cellular Meter

Step 1: Go to https://waterscope.us/

Step 2: Enter the 7 digit "VN ID" found under the lid of your water meter.

Step 3: Enter your 10 number account code, found at the top-right corner of your water bill. 

Step 4: Enter your email address and click "Apply."

Step 5: Follow the instructions sent to your email account to finish registering your Waterscope account.


See the video below: