Are you moving to or from our district? Here is some useful information about our process.



When buying or selling a home that is hooked up to Evergreen Metro Water your water rights will transfer upon the closing of the home because they are a part of the property. So, if you sell your home they will be transferred to the new owner and if you are buying your home, you will receive the water rights to the property.

This means that upon the closing of your home your Evergreen Metro District water/wastewater account will be transferred.

The title company that you will work with will let us know that your home is under contract, and when you close. If you are selling your home, the title company will also pay the last bill on your account with the escrow that is held.

If you would like to let us know that you are buying or selling a property or have questions about service for a property, please fill out the form below.

Owner Moving In or Out


Have you found a great new place to rent? Or have a tenant moving in or out of your property? Evergreen Metro District will allow the transfer of water/wastewater bills from owner to tenant.

For Owners

In order to add your new tenant to the property, you as the owner, or your property manager, will need to fill out an Owner Assignment of Tenant form below. Please be aware that any amount that is not paid after the tenant vacates the property will return to the property and the owner of said property is liable for all bills not paid. All balances on the account must be paid before a tenant can be added to the account. There is a $25.00 service transfer fee that is applied to new accounts.

When switching tenants, we ask that you let us know before the transfer happens so that we can stop/start the billing of the tenant more accurately.


For Tenants

If you are a currently a tenant on an account and moving out, please fill out the Moving Tenant form below and we will send you a prorated bill via email and remove you from the account.

If you are a new tenant moving in, please fill out the Moving Tenant form below. However, we will not be able to add you to the account until the owner completes the Owner Assignment of Tenant form; however, we do appreciate the information. If you have any questions regarding billing or setting up the account add them to the Moving Tenant form.

Moving Tenant Form