New Services & Environmental Department

New Services and Environmental Manager, Thomas Riggle, 720-772-0199

The New Services and Environmental (NSE) Department carries out a variety of jobs for the 3 districts.  NSE performs all residential service connections and verifies that private contractors are installing water and sewer mains and service lines according to District Regulations and Procedures. Before digging please visit or call 811 to contact a private locate company that can locate your private service lines.  For more information about 811 and utility locates, please visit Colorado 811

NSE guides builders and developers through the service application process with information on how best to serve their new home or subdivision with water and sewer. 

NSE staff samples and monitors water quality in the Bear Creek Watershed from Summit Lake on Mount Evans through Lakewood. NSE staff samples for nutrients, temperature, and fish and bug life among many other parameters in Bear Creek . NSE monitors wastewater effluent quality from commercial properties to ensure that pretreatment of these wastewater streams are not harmful to District Plant Operations or workers. 

NSE is responsible for maintaining mapping, As-Built and GIS information for all of the Districts water and sewer infrastructure. NSE provides information and technical support to all other departments of the Evergreen Metropolitan District.