EMD is an organization composed of departments including Water, Wastewater, Collections & Distribution, Water Resources, and Administration. The District has twenty-nine full-time employees.

Wastewater Division

The Wastewater Division is comprised of Treatment Plant Operations and Maintenance. The Division operates and maintains three wastewater treatment plants, eleven lift stations, and approximately 300 miles of sewer lines. Operations of the treatment plants consist of sampling and testing, monitoring, evaluating and adjusting processes and equipment to meet discharge limits mandated by State and Federal regulations. Treatment plant and lift station operations are monitored by computer and telemetry technologies. 

Water Division

The Water Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water treatment plant and the distribution system (pump stations and reservoirs). Operations of the water treatment plant consist of sampling and testing, evaluating, monitoring the system using computer technologies, and making equipment and process adjustments. Operations of the distribution system include adjusting pumps and reservoir levels to meet the needs of the community. The Water Department also installs water meters, inspects installations, and reads meters for billing purposes.

Collection/Distribution Division

The Collection/Distribution Division is responsible for cleaning, inspecting and repairing sewer manholes and mains and for maintaining the water main distribution system. The Division is responsible for the installation of water mains and the tapping of water and wastewater service lines to District mains. The Division also inspects the installation of wastewater mains by contractors and performs service line locates.


The Administration Department manages the personnel benefits and payroll, generates bills and collects receipts.