West Jefferson Wastewater Plant Project

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West Jefferson County Metro District
29847 Lewis Ridge Road
Evergreen, CO 80439

The West Jefferson County Metro District wastewater treatment facility is undergoing a project that includes the construction of two new buildings at 29847 Lewis Ridge Road.  The purpose of the project is to replace an old treatment tank system that has become unstable and unsafe.  The existing plant consists of eight buildings: Collections & Distribution, head works, bio-solids, operations, aeration basin, clarifiers, blowers, and filters.  The work includes demolishing the existing operations building and constructing a new activated sludge basin that is contiguous to the existing aeration basin.  A new operations building will also be constructed.  The project work will also include storm water and sanitary infrastructure to service the proposed buildings, concrete walkways, driveway, curb and gutter.  

The construction schedule is as follows:
Commencement of work will be in November 2020 with the expected final completion in March 2022.  The completion date will be dependent on the weather and potential delays caused by the pandemic.  The normal hours of operation will be Monday – Friday, 7 am to 5:00 pm.  Longer work hours may take place from the spring to the fall of 2021.  There may be times when longer work days and Saturday work activities will be necessary to complete critical operational functions at the facility.

Thank you for your cooperation,
West Jefferson County Metro District Management