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Where Does My Water Come From?

The water supply for Evergreen Metropolitan District comes from the Upper Bear Creek Watershed. The watershed begins at the top of the Mount Evans Wilderness area. The water supply resides in the watershed in the form of snow pack, rainfall, and lake storage. Evergreen Lake is located at the base of the Upper Bear Creek Watershed. The lake is about 600 acre-feet in size, or about 197 million gallons. It is a relatively shallow lake, with an average depth of 15 feet. The Evergreen Metropolitan District Water Treatment Plant draws water from the lake at a point near the dam on the east end. Evergreen Lake provides a high-quality, low-hardness water supply. However, because it is a surface water and is relatively shallow and small in size, it is susceptible to impact from periodic high stream flows due to spring runoff and summer rainstorm events. The treatment process used by the District is capable of handling these periodic, poor water-quality events. The Bear Creek Watershed Association is an organization of groups with significant interest in and responsibility for the health and well-being of the Bear Creek Watershed. The group does a significant amount of monitoring within the watershed. Information regarding the current status of water quality within the watershed can be found at the Association’s website: www.bearcreekwatershed.org

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