Bulk Station and Bulk Water Hauler Information

Bulk Station Location:
26360 Hwy 74
Kittredge, CO 80457

Bulk Station - No Permit Required (roadside)

$0.04 per gallon for 3/4" connection
Fills at 25 gallons/minute
Machine takes $1 and $5 bills, we do not accept credit or debit cards at this time. No change will be given. You will receive a code for the balance available.

Bulk Station - Permit Required (creekside)

$500.00Annual Permit Fee (we do not pro-rate this fee)
$0.03 per gallon for 2 1/2" connection
Fills at 200 gallons/minute
*This side is for our bulk haulers only. Please click below for a 2021 Water Hauling Permit, and for our 2021 Water Hauling Regulations.
**Hauling vehicle must be air gap inspected annually

2021 Water Hauling Permit

2021 Water Hauling Regulations

For more information, or to obtain or renew your bulk haulers permit, please call our office directly at 303-674-4112,extension #105.